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Jungle Binary
From the game "Star Of The Guardians", commissioned and published by Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis, 1994

The last "system" card left in my archives, another scene for mood.

Gouache on masonite.
Valley Of Gwangi (original version)
Assignment for Art Center College Of Design, 1980

This first version (the other is this gallery), was the outcome of an assignment, asking for a "western scene"

Based on the 1969 movie.

In finding this old work, I thought it had a "rustic" appearence, like an old photograph of the event, that made it as good as the later version, done 2 years on...

Ink Wash on watercolor paper.
Temple Of Fire
From the Sovereign Stone RPG, commissioned and published by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, 1998

The Cult Of The Squid are among the many visitors to this temple, located on a volcanic island...

Gouache on masonite
Stealing Alabama
From the short story by Allen Steele, commissioned and published by Issac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Jan 2001

The story is pretty much what the title suggests, a hi-jacking operation in a empire-vs.-rebellion war, for the hope of "Peace, Liberty, and Freedom".

Gouache on masonite
The Sound Of Thunder
From the short story by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012). Non-commissioned art from 1979. 

This was one of the few story illustraions I did as a fan, before actually doing them as a professional, starting in 1981.

It's about a time travelling company called "Time Safari", where you could "hunt" prehistoric animals, have your picture taken with it (no trophies), as they were actually going to die anyway- figuring out the place and time it was supposed to die, so as not to cause what happens next...

A hunter strays off the anti-gravity path, falls, and actually kills a butterfly that wasn't supposed to die 65 million years ago-the now famous "butterfly effect"...

As a result, the future is altered, and, notthin wil everr bee da sayme agin...

About a year later, a student at Art Center College Of Design, I saw Ray Bradbury as a guest speaker, in the ACCD auditorium, with about 200 other students.

His theme was "pursue your love", and, he spoke of his love for prehistoric animals (shared with another great in film, Ray Harryhausen), and he made that love into a career in writing.

At that time, space and science fiction was popular (likely the reason for being invited), but I took Ray's words to heart.

The great irony, was, the very people that invited Ray to speak, were the ones to try and bar my way to that "love" 2 years later, something I never forgot.

To this day, as an Art Center Alumni, I refuse to support the school, though I get letters asking for it.

I'm not bitter, considering I did succeed. Just, letting others do the heavy lifting (or any lifting) for them...

But, my advise to anyone "pursuing your love", in a creative field, and as a holder of a BFA in illustation, would be to avoid acedemic learning-if possible- and go strait to the chosen field. 

Short of that, you may have to use creativity to survive the expierence, which can strengthen you, but (they) can also drive you to depression and failure.

And have a "day job" ready to fall back on...

Acrylic on canvas board.


Alan Gutierrez
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
All commissions are closed henceforth. I'm only posting this to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. I meant to do this earlier, but, I doubt anyone has noticed anything...But, now, there are a few DA members who have commissioned me in the past, plus anyone new, having thoughts or plans for commissions here...

I've successfully made the transition into retirement, during 2017. There's too much personal detail to mention here, as to why now and what happened...

One big advantage, is I'm no longer restricted by financial needs, and, part of the pressure was to expand into other media, such as Patreon, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook. I was never much of a salesman (I never did get a facebook page, and never will), so that burden is lifted there as well.

I won't be getting involved with future trends. I know anime, superheros, and games are still popular, and will continue to be. There is a place for up-and-coming artists today! I'm just not in the position to give advice, or care about what sells, or popularity, anymore. 

I was basically a story illustrator. That's my training (BFA, Art Center, 1982) The work, and stories are here to see.

I just happened to love anime as well as Sci-Fi, and do fanart, beginning in 2000. That fact keeps me here, as it still gets most of the attention (the girl subjects have something to do with it, I'm sure).

I can't guarantee I'll post any future art regularly. It's one day at a time for me. That's been the case for 35 professional years.

The only personal thing I'll say, in closing, is the change has nothing to do with health issues.

Alan Gutierrez

March 2018 (revised June 2018)


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Thanks for the comment, all the :+fav: art, and :+devwatch:!

It's a bit sad, it's soon to be ending, as my archive is down to a few left, and I'm not doing much more art. :(
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