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Sailor Astera by AlanGutierrezArt Sailor Astera by AlanGutierrezArt
A commission from :iconsakky-attack:

Sailor Astera and her cat Demetrius are angry (The cat's "lost it" completely...)

In a great battle in the 30th century, the kingdom of Astera's father is destroyed, and the planet Astera is smashed into pieces. In the ruins of her kingdom, she swears revenge on the one she believes is responsible-Sailor Moon. She and Demetrius travel back to the 20th century to take on Sailor Moon. The Adazuishou, the revenge crystal, is her father's only gift, to be used in dark magical attacks...See the story here [link]

I used Sakky's face in this art. Her stock art site is :iconsenshistock: and, she's devoted a lot of time posing for Sailor Moon art stock for artists like me! I used the pose on her Sakky-attack site, her ID front page photo as Astera, as well as some of her jewelery- the brooch and tiara for example. This is the only SM art I've done in which she wears a petticoat with the fuku.

Time spent, about 24 hrs.
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Submitted on
November 20, 2008
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