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Jupiter from Io by AlanGutierrezArt Jupiter from Io by AlanGutierrezArt
Painted in 1982, this was one of the first paintings done after I graduated with a BFA from Art Center College of Design.

I started attending Sci-Fi conventions regularly, and, eventually, that was how I broke into the publishing business. The college did very little to establish connections, but I did gain a color style and design technique that put me in good stead later...

Here, Io, is one of Jupiter's closest moons, and as such, is torn apart by Jupiter's huge tidal forces. As a result, volcanic activity is common, and the heat and ash mingle with ice, from the cold temperatures in this region of space, far from the sun.

I also began using my new Paasche AB airbrush, for the background. It was a sophistcated tool, with lots of moving parts, and, after 15 years of use (3 bought for $200-250 each) I gave it up for the easier to use Paasche V brush, which I still use today.

This ended up being published ten years later, for Steve Jackson Games "Gurps Space"

Gouache on illustration board 18" x 25"
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July 25, 2012
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