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October 15, 2011
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Dan DeCarlo's Jetta by AlanGutierrezArt Dan DeCarlo's Jetta by AlanGutierrezArt
This is the only pinup I've done that has been published. From the book "Dan DeCarlo's Jetta" by Yoe Books, in 2010

I was asked by Craig Yoe, to contribute one of 37 images for the book. It's based on the late Dan DeCarlo's Jetta. Dan was a comic book artist who created the original "Archies" characters, so Jetta, is classic retro pinup.

Jetta is a teenage girl, living in the future, and much like the Archies, the story has very much the same style and feel. Think "The Jetsons" + "Archies" and that pretty much covers it...

At the time, I was very busy with jobs, and had only a day or so to do the art. I worked out a pose, designed the jet pack from seeing videos on them (most artists had the rocket thrust too close to her rear end...) and I took the background from one of my old obscure city designs. In all, it took about 12 hrs to do. It was good to get some recognition in the field of pin-up art, even though I don't really consider myself one. I just get a lot of pinup commissions...

Photoshop 6 w/Wacom tablet
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