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Trinary by AlanGutierrezArt
This is the first astronomical art I've done in over 4 years.

It was rediscovered in my files, unfinished, from around 2001. It was intended to be a southwest landscape featuring the red rocks of the Sedona area, where I live, but, I added a trinary sun system-a gas giant and 2 dwarf stars- and a red lake.  By this time, I was returning to my roots as an astronomical artist...I finished the art digitally to present it here for the first time as it was intended.
Dan DeCarlo's Jetta by AlanGutierrezArt
Dan DeCarlo's Jetta
From the book by Craig Yoe, commissioned and published by Yoe Books, 2010

This one and only published pin-up, and the last I'll be posting based from the years between 2003-14, is based on Dan DeCarlo's Comic Book from 1952, and, later, became most known for "The Archies".

The book is in the style of the Sci-Fi retro comics of the 50's and 60's. I'd like to think of my "new" pin-up gallery is a reflection of that retro style as well.

The only revision from the original was an extra nozzle on the jet pack.
Ambush On Lux by AlanGutierrezArt
Ambush On Lux
From the game Aggressor: Recon, commissioned by Critical Snail Studios, 2016

Set in space in the 23rd century in the human colonization of the galaxy, this second cover from the "Aggressor" series features a battle between the Terran Alliance Marines (foreground) and the toad-like alien Gorssk.

The setting is the jungle planet Lux in an outpost of the Terran League.

The game Aggressor: Recon is now available at:

And now on Amazon;…
Terran League Strike Squadron by AlanGutierrezArt
Terran League Strike Squadron
From the game commissioned by Critical Snail Studios 2016

Set in the not too distant future of 23rd century Panhumanic Space, humanity has left Earth, colonized planets, maintained foreign relations with non-human extraterrestrials.

These are the Terran League Troopers, in front of the drop ship and deploying for action. Their power suits are of 2 types. One (foreground trooper) is smaller and more manuverable, the other (far left) larger and more powerful.

The insignia was taken from the original Battletech cover (in this gallery) and featured as "Terran League Troopers Insignia" in this gallery.

The game is now for sale at;

And now on Amazon;…
Slave Leia by AlanGutierrezArt
Slave Leia
This revised "new" version was the combination of 2 previous versions of the Star Wars heroine from "Return Of The Jedi".

Although I'm not a big fan of Star Wars, I did a number of commissioned paintings (In the Star Wars gallery). Also, SW was indirectly responsible for my start in Sci-Fi art.


Alan Gutierrez
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I've just finished a rare interview (the last in Aug. 2013), this time with Military Historian, writer, and photographer (amateur) Cris Alvarez.

You can see it here;

Thanks to Cris for the interest! And check out his website as well!

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MrKylhappy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
Hello AlanGutierrezArt,

I found your rendition art of the Goddess Isis absolutely beautiful. I would like permission to copy the style of dress and no more than that. My raccooness by the same name is a magician and I think that she would look stunning in a similar outfit.
AlanGutierrezArt Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for writing, and go ahead and use it! I'd like to see the result!
MrKylhappy Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
You're welcome. Might be awhile, my desktop isn't hooked up to the internet yet. Anyway, you might be interested in the raccoon beauty who will be gracing the outfit. Here is the link:…

If you have access to Fur Affinity, beautiful. If not, just note me and I'll lower the shields
AlanGutierrezArt Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Couldn't get in...

A you a photographer? Cosplay artist. I've worked with the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms) and so I'm not that much of a stranger to this kind of thing, just not recently.
(1 Reply)
EcliptorCalrissian Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
Your work is amazing, I could spend all day looking at it. Also, "The Star Ghost" was a book I really loved as a child even before I'd ever watched a single episode of DS9. The cover really made me want to check it out, and it's awesome to be able to tell that to the one who drew it.
AlanGutierrezArt Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment!

It's good to know there were people out there that were inspired by the DS9 Covers that let me know about it, because I never received any feedback in those days, like social media can do now...

I'm glad you enjoy seeing the artwork as much as I enjoy making it!
Server009 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 5, 2016
You've got a real talent! Congratulations! Trophy 
AlanGutierrezArt Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment! :)
VinDoesVector Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Dear Alan, your work is amazing. I am baffled by your renditions of astronomical scenes and landscapes is nothing las than beautiful and inspiring. The grandiosity of the themes is mindblowing ^^
Thank you for your art!
Best regards,
AlanGutierrezArt Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated! :)
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